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"In many cases, SDS solutions have very rigid dependencies on media, hardware configuration, and networking, which deflates many buyers’ expectations of SDS cost and flexibility benefits. Not only do these dependencies impact up-front cost and flexibility, but they also impose substantial costs over the life of the deployment because hardware refresh becomes a major challenge. NooBaa, a new SDS solution, took a different architectural approach"

"There's a lot of confusion in the market about cloud storage and object storage in particular. This Infoworld article highlights NooBaa as a hybrid solution available to customers."

Author Rhucha Kulkarni says that NooBaa is one of the 8 top tech companies that have "set the bar higher in terms of storage innovation. We can, thus, expect the trend to continue in 2017, ushering in a new era of data storage and management".

Joe Kovar, from Computer Reseller News highlights NooBaa as one of the top-10 hottest storage startups in 2016. NooBaa impressed CRN with it's resource flexibility and public cloud integration.

NooBaa announced at the IT Press Tour event in Tel Aviv, a new partnership with Microsoft that includes selection for the Microsoft Accelerator, native integration with Azure Blob Storage, and immediate availability in the Azure Marketplace.r

"NooBaa system can guarantee reliability and performance across a heterogeneous and dynamic capacity environment, including hosts that are physical or virtual, public or private, multi-cloud, and WAN-distributed servers. NooBaa easily deploys in 15-minutes and maintains best-in-class ease-of-use through automation."

"With no upfront cost for storage hardware and a claimed 15-minute deployment time with near-zero configuration, NooBaa’s disruptive technology brings the ‘one click away’ attraction that has underpinned the go-to-market advantages long held by public cloud service providers."

"NooBaa sounds like a lamb in a child's fairy story or one of those wacky new-style web properties offering on-demand hair dressing, garden tool sharing or a cocktail recipe exchange. In fact, it's a scale-out object storage startup offering what it calls frictionless storage for unstructured data."

NooBaa comes out of stealth at the VmWorld 2016 in Las Vegas the last week in August. NooBaa announced general availability of the Community Edition of the product, freely downloadable from NooBaa's web site, and supporting up to 20TB of data stored, with no restrictions on capacity, WAN distribution, or public cloud integration.

"We are delighted to be the first in Italy to collaborate with NooBaa - says Marco Iannucci, chief executive of Clouditalia -. Our customers need to rely on an efficient and above all secure service. Using advanced governance of data control and encryption, NooBaa allow us to offer a highly reliable service to all our customers, built on our infrastructure in Italy. "

NooBaa today announced worldwide availability of the NooBaa Enterprise Edition product offering. NooBaa is a software-based object storage solution that greatly improves infrastructure and business flexibility by enabling dynamic hybrid and multi-cloud data management

I really love NooBaa. I wrote recently about them and I think they really interpret this concept of “invisible storage” very well. They are actually a step forward, allowing you to start your invisible storage infrastructure out of unutilized storage resources already available in your network. A nice idea.

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